Bath Sheets & Towels

  • MistyMorning Soft & Premium Quality Bath Towels & Bath Sheets give peaceful & Comfortable feel. These bath sheets towels extra large set clearance gives delicate touch luxurious experience with size 100 x 190 cm in single pack & Pack of 2. We also present bath towel in pack of 2 with size 70 x 140 cm. The cotton of these personalised bath towels has made from natural cotton ensures long lasting, reliable & durable products.
  • MistyMorning Highly Absorbent & Durable 100% Egyptian cotton with 600 GSM Towels & Bath Sheets enhance your bathing experience. MistyMorning quick absorbent Towels can be used as gym towels, swimming towel, beach towels, sports towel, hand towels, face towels & large size body towel and keep your body warm & dry quickly with MistyMorning extra soft bathroom towels.
  • MistyMorning Super Soft & Fluffy Towel Set are used in Homes, Spa, salons, gyms, yoga studios, Massage centers & Hotels. These quick dry towel can be used as travel towel & beach towel. MistyMorning bath towels large set clearance have big sizes can be wrapped a body twice after bathing & helps to dry your body quicky with convenient look. These Bathsheets are a compulsory item of bathroom accessories set for your guests.
  • MistyMorning Jumbo Bath Sheet Large Shower Towels & Towels Set are Skin Friendly & gives you Luxurious feel. MistyMorning towel is an essential item of camping accessories & gym accessories for men which feels gentle on the skin & never feel scratchy. The length & width (100*190 cm) of these bath sheets cover your entire body perfectly and gives you luxurious feel.
  • Care Instructions for MistyMorning egyptian cotton towels - These 100% egyptian cotton 600 GSM towels are machine washable and it is advised to wash each & every colour separately and don't use bleach fabric softeners & don't use iron on bath towel set. If you are unsatisfied with any of MistyMorning product, please let us know & take the full refund with regretful acknowledgement.